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My borzois






Our borzoi kennel is a very young one. In fact, now there are only two borzoi girls participating. And how did it all begin?

Very simple story. My sister called me once and asked if I wanted to go to see the borzois at the kennel as she wanted to buy a pup.

What should I do? I am the dog fancy for years also a standard poodles breeder already, I could not afford my sister to be fooled.. And at least it is exciting to go as borzois attracted me much with their "Russionness", with the fact that they are not just dogs but our proud and history and they are dogs full of dignity and grace.

It happened that we came to the kennel of Irina Korshunova "Rusich". I liked the dogs VEY MUCH 9and I liked that they have kennel type), although I kept myself away from thoughts about new family member. So, when Irina showed Vazha (Rusich Otvazha) to us she only showed littermate of the pup my sister was going to buy. So, it did not worked out with my sister, but I... I liked her so much that suddenly for myself and Irina I said that I want this pup. At that time we finished building of our country house and I knew that I can give to the borzoi dog more than I could give living in the city. I saw how the kennel is built at Irina's place, and did a small copy for Vazha and then it happened that our Busia (Rusich Pobedka) came to us, together - much funnier for them...

Later Irina helped me with kinologic education - directed for the experts-kinologic course at MOOIR . Thanks, Irina, that was very kind of you and important for me.